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Landmark band, SPANISH BATTERY bring a unique mix of blues and rock, delivered with a style and edge of their own.

Our covers include songs from the Black Keys, Red Devils, Rolling Stones, as well as blues classics from the likes of Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and B.B. King.   We also have a few original songs thrown in too.

The band was formed way back in 2007, though we’ve had a couple of changes over the years, the essence has remained the same… give it everything we’ve got, every time!

Our rather unusual band name is actually rooted right here in the North East.

While looking for a unique band name, we compiled a very short list of two.  At our very first outing as a band, back in the days when Henry’s Swing Club open mic could be found at The Tyne Bar in Ouseburn, asked “what’s your name?” We proudly announced “Gin House”… “Oh I know the guitarist from Gin House. Good band.”

So as our first choice was already taken, “SPANISH BATTERY!” Was born. Surely nobody had that?!

Nobody did, and we played our very first gig at the Egypt Cottage in Newcastle.

The name is taken from the gun battery that formed the defence of the mouth of the Tyne.  Built by impressed workers in 1545, the new guns were manned by a party of Spanish builders turned mercenaries, hence - Spanish Battery.  The battery was in use throughout the English civil war, and both world wars, still retaining the name.

Today, the guns are gone, but the battery still offers unrivalled views of the mouth of the Tyne.

So, Spanish Battery, now a band bringing a bit of Chicago to the North East.

Influenced, and greatly spurred on, by the wealth of blues talent we’re very lucky to have in the North East, we feel very lucky to be able share our love of the music in some of the most iconic venues around.   Cheers!